The Manifest Part 1
Note: I`m not talking about every men out there, I’m talking about some. If the shoe fits, you must wear it.
Everyday, I am forced to live with people who like to think they are very liberal. Turns out, they are wrong, like they are in almost everything they do. If you desire to call yourself a liberal, please confront yourself with the following question: Am I comfortable with a strong, intelligent and good woman? The truth is that men aren`t. They have been brought up with two types of stereotypes (like I`be mentioned in a previous post): the fairy housewife or the gold digger. And for lots of men, a woman who doesn’t meet any of those descriptions, is weird, unatractive, a lesbian or simply masculine. The ones who simply refuse to wear really short shorts and clivages that go on for ages, paired with a shallow way of thinking and a hollow skull, are labeled with a series of unpleasant adjectives.
So here is my apologie letter to men out there, since I`m not making the landscape worth looking at:
Dear Men:
I`m sorry if I wasn’t born with a severe malformation which doctors call Lack of Brain Syndrome. I`m sorry I was born into a family that always taught me that what matters is inside, and that intelligence weighs more than Bershka`s pieces of tribal fashion. I`m sorry I am smart enough to blow you all away in school and life in general. I’m sorry I`m probably gonna change the world, while you watch it in your crappy apartment. I`m sorry I’m not gonna make it in life, neither professionally, nor socially by sleeping with one of you.I`m sorry I`m a Feminist. I`m sorry if I can kick your ass in a split second. I`m sorry for training in combat sports while you are playing soccer, because you`re afraid to get hurt.
I’m sorry I’m a real woman, a woman with a mind of her own. I’m sorry to honor all the lives lost to conquer what I can have today.
I`m sorry I`m a person, but “Feminism is the radical notion that women are people”.
I’m sorry I have the balls that you don’t.
I’m sorry.


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Women in Sports

We are now officially fed up with men running the show when it comes to sports. First, UFC bans women from their events, and now, female soccer teams get no TV time. Women have always been viewed as objects, but now that there are some females who want to be taken seriously, and step out of the Playboy shadow, TV executives are quick to relinquish them to the hours of the day nobody watches television. 
Whether you are involved in soccer, basketball, boxing, kickboxing, MMA, whatever it is, you should be as valued as a man, if you are as good as one. You shouldn`t need to take your clothes off for a magazine to get noticed. We`re not saying that that is a bad thing, if you want to do it. It might empower you if you so decide and feel. But if you do it just for the sake of being noticed, something is wrong, Society is wrong. Women are not objects. There is more to a woman than the home fairy or the gold digger. There are women who are worth more than men, both professionally and personally. We would like to see a man endure the pain of child birth as well as a woman.
Now, who`s the weaker sex? There is no such thing. There are good men, bad men, good women, bad women. There`s no one to blame for the way society looks at females nowadays. The ones to be blamed are on both sides of the question.


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